Lewis Sanjay Pathak

Contemporary Artist

Born 1990, London.

MA Contemporary Art Practices

Lewis Pathak’s work takes elements from painting, sculpture and digital design, combining them to make 3-dimensional paintings. His paintings usually consist of multiple components (modules), sometimes taking the form of mandala-like compositions and sometimes as larger freeform installations. Using colour, line and form as primary visual mechanisms, his art draws on the nuanced relationships between space, form, perception and technology. There in an underlying affinity with the curved line found throughout the artist’s work and the exploration of the geometric nature of curves is one of the many ideas that come together to develop new artworks and installations. These installations are unique to the spaces they occupy with the potential for components to be added or removed and re-ordered to suite the architectural dynamics of any environment. The artist is currently exploring new ways of making installations that are more immersive and interactive, including the use of lighting and sound systems and digital technologies.


Orbital Mobile Series, 2016, acrylic paint, MDF, approx 30x30x30cm each.

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